Being a father myself, I think I am more than worthy to talk about the breastfeeding issue. My point is, breastfeeding is good. Bagus untuk anak, bagus untuk bajet bapak, jimat masa, senang, mudah itu, mudah ini, mudah everything. Overall, I agree for moms to breastfeed and not at all against it. But the thing is, why […]


Oh my oh my. The amirah girl kena culik and end up with her boyfriend thingy is all over the media. Twitter ke pesbuk ke ape ke smua duk sembang kes sama. And here I am, thinking so hard on what is my actual say on this issue. I cant seem to really express it […]

Straight to the point, esok tahun baru. So people will start talking about bunga api and sambutan tahun baru all over again. Im not into getting stuck in the middle of kl and watching fireworks and seeing people pushing and pretending to have fun. There is no fun watching new year fireworks in kl. It […]

Well untuk tahun 2015, dividen and bonus turun sikit. But cannot argue much sebab aku ni pun jenis melayu malas kerja and suka skim cepat kaya letak duit dalam bank and tunggu diorang beranak. Being a lazy guy, im grateful. You?

Truth is on the side of the oppressed.

Malcolm X

Truth is, bila dengar je menteri buat statement for a person to work 3 different jobs, I swear we are living in a country full of idiots. People woke up early in the morning untuk pergi kerja and return back in the late evening around 6 just to spend baki masa yang ada untuk family. […]